Abstract: Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANET) have multi-hop wireless connectivity and they are categorised on the basis of route finding and maintenance. MANET has frequently changing topology and need dynamic routing protocol. Comparative studies between on demand or reactive routing protocols like AODV and DSR (the two best known and used routing protocols) shows that performance of AODV, DSR etc. are varies i.e. performance of AODV is better in high mobility environment and performance of DSR is better in high routing MAC load case. This is the cause of route caching in DSR as in high mobility; it has to modernize the route as soon as the node moves from the network. In this paper, we have cached the route in AODV without manipulating its basic structure to enhance the throughput, packet delivery ratio (PDR), energy etc. We have made a comparison between the traditional AODV and proposed AODV. We have shown the performance graph in performance result section.

Keywords: AODV, DSR, MANET, QoS.