Abstract: This paper aimed at developing a System to prevent an unauthorized person from boarding the Bus. This is done by using RFID. Using GPS, the system gets the satellite information such as positioning and navigational parameters of the Bus like latitude, longitude, velocity, altitude, the name of the current location of the bus. The RFID technology is used to identify the members, who enter into the bus. If an unauthorized person enters into the vehicle, the door will lock automatically and the buzzer will be set to ON. An antenna is connected to the GPS receiver to acquire the signals from the Satellite. Line of sight is maintained between the antenna and the Satellite. All the information is displayed on Graphical User Interface (GUI). In the receiver side, the system provides a website application where the values of the parameters on the GUI are displayed. The parameter values are continuously updated and are displayed on the GUI. The main feature of this system is the ease of use of the system and visual display of the results which can be seen on android mobile phone using application.

Keywords: RFID, GPS, latitude, longitude, velocity, altitude, Graphical User Interface, mobile phone using application