Abstract: This is mobility based dynamic reconfiguration system in WSN. The concept of dynamic reconfiguration routing protocol is used that achieves the need of various applications and also various network conditions. An environmental data collection scenario is taken with the use of movement of nodes and controlled by controller. All nodes are in dynamic nature and moves randomly. All nodes are communicating with each other as well as from head nodes. There is a direct communication between head & nodes. It evaluate a multi-hop routing based on shortest path in wireless networks. A controller is designed which is used to control the movement and location of nodes. Before disaster occurred, all nodes changed their location for security. As disaster under control, there may get back to their locations. Results are presented and evaluated by use of MATLAB R2013a. The localization response and location error are the main performance parameters and its error value is less than 3%.

Keywords: WSN System, Dynamic Reconfiguration System, Localization, Mobility Management etc.