Abstract: Now a days, there is large growth in multimedia applications such video conferencing, video telephony, stream video/audio online etc. There is a need to secure the data. While transferring the data it plays a major role in today’s scenario. So in this paper we discuss about hiding the data and images in a video. We propose a data and image hiding schemes embedded directly in the encrypted version of H.264/AVC video stream which includes different parts of H.264/AVC video and data encryption, data embedding and data extraction. The embedded data and image in a video is reconstructed without knowing the original host video. The video properties are analyzed with the codewords of IPMs, the codewords of MVDs, and the codewords of residual coefficients. Data extraction can be done either in the encrypted domain or in the decrypted domain. Furthermore, video file size should be preserved even after encryption and data embedding. We represent examples of embedding image and data in a video. We also discuss about different hiding techniques which include watermarking, steganography, cryptography.

Keywords: Data hiding, Encrypted domain of H.264/AVC, watermarking, codeword substituting, image encryption.