Abstract: Now-a-days, peoples are using emails for sharing their data. Sharing of secret information via emails is not that much secure as the information or data can be hacked easily by the third-party. In this current work we have proposed Visual Cryptographic Scheme for color images where the divided shares are enveloped in other images using stamping. The shares are generated using Random Number. Visual Cryptography Schemes (VCS) is a process of encrypting the image which hide the secret information present in images. In simple visual cryptographic technique encryption of secret image is done by splitting the image into n number of shares and the Stamping process is performed by overlapping k number of shares. It may helps to hide secret image. The decryption process of simple visual cryptographic system can be performed by a human eye so there is a possibility of security issues while using cryptography for sharing information. and to solve this problem we are using password technique. Previous methods faced some security issues like pixel expansion and noise troubleshoot the proposed system add more security to generated transparencies by applying an envelope to each shares by using stamping algorithm.

Keywords: Visual cryptography, shares, transparencies, stamping algorithm.