Abstract: Modern hand held devices such as smart phones and PDA's have become powerful increasingly powerful in recent years. Dramatic breakthroughs in processing power along with the number of extra features included in these devices have opened the doors to a wide range of commercial possibilities. In particular most cell phones particularly include cameras, processors compatible to PC's from only a few years ago, and internet access. However even with all these abilities there are few applications that allow much passing of environmental information and location based events. As mobile devices had become more like PC's they will come to replace objects we tend to carry around such as check books, cameras, credit cards, planners, mp3 players, etc. In short, we will be using them to accomplish our daily tasks. One application that falls into this category is Google Analytics Tracking for Flex for the android phones. The prime objective of “Google Analytics Tracking for Flex” is to create a fully fledged android application which could locate a list of events holding nearby based on locations. The user not only finds all the events in the city but also he can make a choice of best events. This paper presents solution to track the locations and communicate with the members using Google MAPs API, Android Operating System.

Keywords: Mobile Application, Social Networks, Event Guide, Context-Awareness.