Abstract: Antivirus is a program that identified and removed a particular type of malware that is known as VIRUSES. But in day today life, the working area has increased and now antivirus programs are useful for preventing infections caused by many types of malware, including worms, Trojan horses, root kits, spyware, key loggers, ransom ware and adware. As all antiviruses available in market works on same technology, therefore it seems like even the most up-to-date malware package isn’t always enough. The major problems associated with today’s antivirus technology are, “That your antivirus software has not yet been updated to know how to detect it” and “your system application software has not been yet patched to fix whatever vulnerability the virus exploits” .The most popular antivirus applications on the market are rendered useless by around 80percent of new malware, according to AusCERT. Most important function of any antivirus is virus scan engine. It scans the information and if the viruses are detected, it disinfects them. The information can be scanned in different ways like through size, pattern matching, heuristic. These methods have their pros and cons. If the antivirus program uses virus signature mechanism then it must update it at least once a day because 15 new viruses we discovered every day. If an antivirus left for two or more days without updating it cause a serious danger. so new advancement in needed into the antivirus to make it advance antivirus (AAV).This paper involves some new techniques which would not only cure pre-existing malicious files, but also all those unseen new malicious file.

Keywords: sandbox, AAV (advance antivirus), heuristic, signature.