Abstract: Expansion of data traffic in communication devices requisite advanced and pioneered software provisions to manage bandwidth, performance, and power essentials, as well as scalable systems management and availability solutions. At present there are various type of SoC's in the market and these SoC's provides advanced and advanced and pioneered hardware provisions to some usual networking obstacles, permitting packet processing up to 100Gb/s speeds. To make full use of these capabilities of hardware there is a requirement of software, such that it can use HW potential in well organized manner. Therefore discrete vendors supplies their own software development kits (SDK’s) to design the data plane applications. Because of these SDK’s it is hard for applications to be entirely portable across platforms. Still in recent past there has not been an open software development kit (SDK) available for SoC’s designers and individual software vendors (ISVs) which can issue APIs for the data plane of different SoC architectures. But now there is, developing rapidly through an industry organization, OpenDataPlane™ (ODP) [1] is a standardized data plane API that can be used to aid Linux-based network applications over the array of silicon architectures and hardware/software configurations. This cross platform characteristic is used by Open vSwitch (OVS) [3] to accelerate it on different architectures. This paper explores ODP and its characteristics including aid to OVS, and also ODP's relation to the Intel Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) [5].

Keywords: OpenDataPlane, Open virtual Switch, Software Development Kit, Xen Project Hypervisor, System on Chips.