Abstract: Cloud computing has now became a vital technology in IT sector. Its impact on the current and future technologies can be seen as the most powerful and flexible technology ever. This is due to the on-demand services offered by the cloud computing. The cloud computing model allows the provisioning of virtual resources according to the requirement, thus offering the “Pay As You Go” model. The term Multicloud computing refers to the mash up of different clouds together. A proposed multicloud computing environment let us to share the resources dynamically among cloud based systems. In general, multicloud involves service provider (admin), infrastructure providers and clients. In this proposed system, the service provider responds to the client by providing the file requested by it. The Proxy Service Provider (PSP) establishes the path for communication between different clouds.

Keywords: Multicloud computing, cloud service provider (CSP or admin or data owner), proxy service provider (PSP), Secure Hash Function (SHA).