Abstract: Electronic commerce or e-commerce consists of the buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over computer networks.However, there are many risks and threats that happen in e-commerce. It is veryimportant to improve the security on e- commerce business according to the highdevelopment and need on the internet business. Vulnerabilities in e–commerce in recently are also the main interesting for case study to explain how much e-commerce business security will be.This paper explain anddiscussthe e-commerce problems and suggestion for solution generally, taking e-commerce in Iraq as especial case, because the security for e-commerce is to makecustomers and business partners feel safe and comfortable when performingtransactions. The basic principles is also important to make understanding abouthow security e-commerce.So e-commerce life cycle ,security issues, e-commerce tool ,threats and a set of suggestion for secure online shoppingis discussed in this paper.

Keywords: e-commerce, security, vulnerabilities, e-business, protecting.