Abstract: Owing from the advanced unrest occurring in most people in every viewpoint we do anticipate innovation infringing among farmer client communications as nicely. Our proposed paper goes for giving a system where correspondence among farmer and clients could be held thru android primarily based application. Our target might be collectivizing agriculturist's especially little makers at specific levels over a few states to cultivate innovation infiltration, enhance profitability, and empower improved get admission to to inputs and services and increment agriculturist income. furthermore, giving an effective manner wherein ranchers would have the capability to pick out their horticultural produce costs and especially get joined with cease consumers, therefore destroying a part of pass between with a purpose to empower to decrease edges looked for by move among in this manner buyers can straightforwardly spot requests and look for grains or farming objects from farmers themselves. There will an effective machine given wherein opportune supplement timetable can be produced in view of the agriculturists sowing date. Farmer may be informed approximately the sporting activities he must carry out right from the time on the point whilst seed develops until the day while the harvest is ready to be amassed. Moreover rancher might be helped for his inquiries also as product illnesses thru a picture shifting device accommodated the identical.

Keywords: K-means algorithm, GCM.