Abstract: Internet of things is the interchange of anything with any other thing, the interchange mainly fetch of useable data, like a sensor in a room to observe and control the temperature. the home environment has seen a rapid introduction of network enabled digital technology. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be 50 billion internet-enabled tools. This paper aims to outline a security alarm system using low processing power chips using Internet of things which helps to observe and get alarms when motion is detected and convey photos and videos to a cloud server. Also, internet of things based application can be used remotely to view the agitation and get notifications when movement is detected. The photos and videos are sent directly to a cloud server, when the cloud is not available then the data is stored locally on the Raspberry Pi and sent when the connection restarts. Hence, advantages like these make this application ideal for monitoring homes in absence.

Keywords: Internet of Things, detection of movement, cloud, tools, environment, internet.