Abstract: Asthma is one of the widespread chronic diseases. Firstly, the medical background of asthma is given. Pathology and symptoms are presented. Afterwards, the problem of persistent asthma management is introduced with a short overview of traditional disease management techniques. A review on approaches to asthma telemonitoring is made. This paper presents a web information system and a wireless sensor network for indoor or outdoor air quality monitoring with application in asthma trigger factors assessment. Employment of low power wireless sensor networks (WSN) paired with Smartphone technologies is reviewed as a novel asthma management tool. The wireless sensor network includes a set of sensing nodes with ability to measure environment parameters like temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide among others and to send processed information to a smart coordinator. Using the technology, the aim is to retain the disease in a controlled state with minimal effort, invasiveness and cost, and assess patientís condition objectively.

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