Abstract: Evaluation of EKF based receiver has been investigated and analyzed to determine its practicality of robustness as a Bluetooth receiver in the presence of IEEE 802.11b networks. The conducted investigation was performed at the physical and system level layers with the use of MATLAB/Simulink as a programming tool, and bit error rate (BER) and frame error rate (FER) as a mean of measure of the evaluation. The physical layer evaluation considered two scenarios: The first scenario evaluated the receiver when a 50% interference transmission affecting the Bluetooth system, and the second scenario when a 100% interference transmission is in effect. The evaluation of the receiver at the system level layer was conducted to determine the packet loss due to the IEEE 802.11b interference. The results showed that the EKF based receiver has a significant performance improvement in compare to the LDI and Viterbi receivers.

Keywords: IEEE802.11b Interference, AWGN, Bluetooth, Extended Kalman Filter, Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying, Continues Phase Modulation.