Abstract: Cloud computing has been envisaged as the future architecture of IT industry. It has many benefits such as flexibility, scalability. However, it poses many new security challenges such as data integrity and confidentiality. In this paper, we mainly focus on cloud data storage security, which has always been an important feature to assure the quality of service. To be certain of the accuracy of users’ data in the cloud, we have put together the studies based on the effective and flexible mechanism of utilizing the homomorphic token combined with the distributed verification of erasure-coded data which helps achieve the integration of storage correctness insurance and data error localization. In addition to the above, the mechanism also supports secure and efficient dynamic operations. Substantial security and execution analysis shows that the proposed mechanism is highly successful and resistant against Byzantine failure, server colluding attacks and unauthorized data modification attack.

Keywords: Cloud; Cloud Computing; Data Integrity; Confidentiality; Homomorphic token; Data Error Localization; Byzantine failure.