Abstract: Edge (Boundary line)s are borders between various textures. Edge (Boundary line) can be defined as discontinuities in image(picture) intensity from one pixel to another. Edge (Boundary line)s for an image(picture) are always essential character that suggest an pointer for a better-quality frequency. Detection of Edge (Boundary line)s for an image(picture) may help for image(picture) segmentation, data compression, & also help for well identical, such as image(picture) modernization & so on. There are many way to make Edge (Boundary line) detection. Most universal method for Edge (Boundary line) detection is to analyze discrimination of an image(picture). Edge (Boundary line) detection is an image(picture) processing technique for finding borders of objects within image(picture)s. It works by detecting discontinuities in brightness. Edge (Boundary line) detection is used for image(picture) segmentation & data extraction in areas such as image(picture) processing, computer vision, & machine vision. Common Edge (Boundary line) detection algorithms include Sobel, Canny, Roberts, Prewitt & fuzzy logic methods.

Keywords: Edge (Boundary line) detection, Canny Edge (Boundary line) detection, Sobel operator.