Abstract: Providing security for the IOT environment is the major assessment carried out where the entire world is dependent on e-communication and assures the guarantee of communication without any error causing .In this project work, Raspberry Pi, an open source and a popular choice as the hardware platform for IoT - both devices as well as gateways, has been used. It is nowadays a trend and also a more appropriate path to choose open source software for implementation for the prototyping and study purposes in academia. As such OpenSSL has been employed for configuring secure access of data at the device level as well as the library for the secure communication using the MQTT and CoAP protocols. Further, the project work also involves a study of different web access vulnerabilities and suggested remedies.Even when the latest version 2 of Raspberry Pi was employed the performance of the application with OpenSSL vs. a standard desktop computer system is not comparable. Further optimization of the application or use of a 128-bit key based encryption could be the possible approaches for security implementations for embedded applications.The primary objective of this project aims at implementing security procedures for IoT based devices such as nodes (for ex raspberry pi) and gateways (for ex PC) using MQTT and CoAP protocol in an embedded platform. Project approaches at different layers of the ISO/OSI model for the security of end to end nodes and gateways through cloud.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, IOT, Open SSL, Secure, End to End Communication, MQTT, CoAP, Vulnerability.