Abstract: Wireless mobile unintentional networks (MANETs) square measure self configuring, dynamic networks during which nodes square measure unengaged to move. a serious performance constraint comes from path loss and multipath weakening several Manet routing protocols exploit multi methods to route packets. The likelihood of winning packet transmission on a path relies on the reliableness of the wireless channel on every hop. speedy node movements conjointly have an effect on link stability, introducing an oversized physicist unfold, leading to speedy channel variations. However, thanks to their inherent characteristics of dynamic topology and lack of centralized management security, Manet is susceptible to varied styles of attacks thanks to that the congestion happens within the Network. the most categories of routing protocols square measure Proactive, Reactive and Hybrid. A Reactive (on-demand) routing strategy may be a fashionable routing class for wireless unintentional routing. the look follows the concept that every node tries to cut back routing overhead by causation routing packets whenever a communication is requested. during this work an endeavor is to implement to avoid the congestion within the networks. The construct of AOMDV has been wont to avoid the congestion from the network. The parameters are calculated like finish to finish Delay and Packet Delivery quantitative relation that shows the accuracy of the projected work.

Keywords: AODV, AOMDV, Congestion, WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks).