Abstract: The Web contains the mixed type of URL which contains the Malicious as well as normal URLS. The research work is about the study of Malicious URLS techniques and provides the approach of security along with the Detection and Prevention. The System information need to be secure and should be confidential. The system information protection is main aspect of this research work. This paper proposed the approach for prevention and Detection of the Webpage URL using Neural Network. This research work provides a new way of securing the information to avoid hassle in transmission over network. The Dictionary has been created of which are counted as the malicious and input data of URL with parameters such as IsURLKeywords, Toxic Factor based on auto Downloading Links and the third parameter is No of Download links. Based on these parameters, the weight has been assigned and equation has been created. The threshold values have been settled and generated results in MATLAB Simulation Tool.

Keywords: Botnets, Denial-Of-service attacks, IDS, SQL Injection Attack, Penetrations.