Abstract: This study aims in developing a computerized system to check and maintain your health by knowing the symptoms. This study has many features generally not available in normal software like suggesting doctors as per the disease, Symptom checker, gives reference of mobile applications that could help us to remain fit. It has login functionality so that it would be an easier for user to register him and view all the functions on the site and access it easily and with speed .It has a symptom checker module which actually defines our body structure and gives us liability to select the affected area and checkout the symptoms. Overall this study is done to help the people of all ages to check the symptoms related to affected area and can cure it as soon as possible. This study focuses on developing a computerized system to maintain a checkup system for people to check about their own health issues. Suggest Doctor Module includes a facility for the people to approach one of the best doctors in their field for curing their health issues. With this computerized system there would be an ease for people to recognize the health issues.

Keywords: Data Mining, Technologies Used, Proposed System, Symptom Checker.