Abstract: Number of approaches has proposed for relation keyword search but for the evaluation of proposed techniques there remains several lack of standardization. There are more irregularity has been in results from different techniques of relational keyword search. Observing more no of results we reach at there are lacks of technology transfer coupled with discrepancies between existing system indication is that there is need for thorough, independent empirical evaluation of search techniques. In this paper, we present the most extensive empirical performance evaluations of relational keyword search techniques to appear to date in the literature. Our results indicates that most of existing techniques not giving acceptable performance for realistic retrieval tasks. Memory consumption precludes more search techniques from scaling beyond small data sets. We also explore the relationship between execution time and factors varied in previous evaluations; analysis of this indicates that these factors relatively little impact on performance.

Keywords: Relational database; data mining; database queries; keyword search; information retrieval ; ranking; keyword search.