Abstract: Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a dynamic self-organized network which comprises of wireless mobile nodes. Ad hoc networks can be merged or can be partitioned into separate networks, without relying on a fixed infrastructure to manage the operation. The performance of MANET diminishes significantly because of misbehaviour of nodes due to selfish reasons. A selfish node refuses to share its resources with neighbouring nodes and uses for its own purpose. So this may lead to packet loss in MANET. To improve the performance of MANET it is important to detect and isolate the selfish nodes. In this paper, ESDIT (Efficient Selfish node Detection and Isolation Technique) is proposed to efficiently detect and isolate selfish nodes in MANET. The proposed technique has been carried out to analyze the selfish nodes detection on essential function such as network routing. The simulation study demonstrates that the proposed ESDIT enhances the packet delivery ratio and throughput.

Keywords: MANET, ad hoc networks, self-organized, selfish node, ESDIT.