Abstract: In recent years, growth of private and semi-private information has grown up rapidly on information network; mechanisms to search such information have failed in privacy preservation. The privacy preserving searching is playing important role in the field of information networks to perform various data mining operations on encrypted data stored in various storage systems. It is also important and challenging task to protect the confidentiality of private data shared among service providers and data owners. Existing system provides one possible solution that is privacy preserving indexing (PPI). In this system, documents are stored in plain text form on private server that is privacy is compromised. So to enhance this system to make it more secure and efficient, first we store the documents on server in encrypted form and then use Key Distribution Center (KDC) for allowing decryption of data received from private server, at client side. We also implement TF-IDF, which provides the efficient ranking of results, to improve the user search experience. Finally we conduct the extensive experiments on dataset, to evaluate the performance of our proposed system. Experimental results will show that the proposed system is better than existing one, in terms of, privacy preserving, efficient and secure search on encrypted distributed documents.

Keywords: Privacy preserving indexing, Information networks, Encrypted data storage.