Abstract: Language is the ability to know any complex era in a real world application. Approximate number of languages is 6500. It is possible to record the language in either analog or digital media for example, in graphic writing, braille, or whistling because human language is modality-independent. Different regions in a world have different languages spoken. When a human meets another human, speaking different language, it is difficult to identify the one what next person is talking about or in which language. Hence, the main focus is on to detect the language which is spoken by a next person. For this the database of different languages is recorded. Pc as a hardware with Matlab software is used for extracting feature of speech to detect the particular language. For detection of language, database of different languages is created. The signal processing is done on a database so as to get the final output which is final detection of a language.

Keywords: Language, Hardware, Recognition, Database, Signal processing, etc.