Abstract: Many modern web based systems are presently following 3-tier architecture for implementation of enterprise application. However rare use of modern frameworks and standards in this kind of applications, these applications are more vulnerable to attack that can breach and steal confidential information stored in database. One of the attack known as SQL injection is a very serious and flawless way to retrieve data without leaving any traces behind process. This paper addresses a solution for this kind of serious problem in a novel way which not only provides efficient solution but acquire a modern coding standard which developers follow. This new approach called as ORM technique. ORM is a Object Relational Mapping where we maps the table architecture with corresponding Object and use those objects to retrieve data instead of getting data from database directly . Hence it creates a indirect barrier from firing SQL query which helps us to prevent our important information from direct access. As it also follows standard of coding this ORM Methodology satisfies desired criteria of highly cohesive with loose coupling while coding.

Keywords: ORM, Hibernate, SQLIA, LDAP, FCD, SSC, T-SQL.