Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) in today’s world are the means of communication. These contain nodes that act as transmitter and receivers are prone to different attacks leading to different types of losses. The resource depletion attack that is called vampire attack drains out the energy from the nodes leaving them useless. These attacks are protocol compliant, they are easy to implement. Since they are orthogonal in nature they can easily intrude into any routing protocol. They affect the entire network causing large loss of energy and A vampire attack is caused by the malicious node on the decentralized ad hoc wireless network. The paper analyses how protocols faces these attacks. Vampire attacks are not protocol specific rather uses its compliant message. The current security measures to prevent these attacks are been reviewed along with result of simulation of representative protocols in the presence of a vampire attack is been presented. The paper also describes how the existing sensor network protocol is been modified for protection from the vampire attacks for which PLGP) solution is also been proposed.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network; Denial of service; Resource depletion; Routing; Energy consumption; Security; carousel attack; stretch attack; PLGP;