Abstract: This paper presents a soft computing technique for the design of band pass FIR digital filter. Nature inspired optimization technique known as predator prey optimization (PPO) has been used to design an optimal band pass FIR digital filter. PPO technique is considered as a comprehensive search technique and as a stochastic optimization process; it avoids confined stagnation as preys play the role of diversification to find best solution because of predatorís fear. PPO technique enhances the ability to discover and utilize the search space locally as well as globally in order to obtain the finest filter parameters for the design of filter. Performance of PPO has been compared with craziness based Particle Swarm Optimization (CRPSO). Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed PPO algorithm gives better results for the design of band pass FIR digital filter as compared to CRPSO.

Keywords: Predator Prey Optimization, Craziness based PSO, Band-Pass FIR Digital Filter, Magnitude and ripple errors, Magnitude and Phase response.