Abstract: Since it is not easy for network administrators to monitor nodes in a network environment manually due to the physical movement from one node to another; and it is even worst with the trend of the increase in nodes in a network environment due to Web based Service Oriented Applications (SOA) that runs on the networks. Monitoring of nodes in terms of detecting faulty network cables, detecting of nodes that is not supposed to be part of a particular network, and even the shutting down of hundreds of nodes has become a nightmare for most network administrators. The static software solutions and dynamic single task software for network management developed has not really helped matters on the network administrators end. These worries gave birth to this research work, of designing a multi-agent based system to handle different task for the sole benefit of the network administrator and not the network environment. The system is effective and efficient, and it is recommended for practical usage.

Keywords: Multi-agent based system, Mobile agent, Monitoring, Nodes, LANs.