Abstract: There is an increasing need for sharing data that contains personal information from distributed database. The data is collected from multiple providers. The sharing of data can be used for research in different fields. While sharing a data first, personal information must be hidden from user. There are different techniques used for encryption of personal information. The process of removing personally identifiable information from data sets is called Anonymization. The techniques are k-anonymity, bucketization and slicing. Privacy for data and verification against privacy is very important and challenging task. Best utility must be preserved for collaborative data and loss of data must be avoided. Secure Multi Party (SMP) and Trusted Third Party (TTP) protocols create anonymized data. There may be a problem of insider and outsider attacker’s for collaborative data. The proposed work will be the implementation of Slicing algorithm which gives more security to the database.

Keywords: M-Privacy; K-Anonymity; Suppression, Anonymization; Bucketization; Slicing.