Abstract: Electricity plays a major role in our day to day life. Nuclear power provides a significant portion of current energy demand and is likely to become more wide spread with growing world population. The expulsion of radiation is dangerous to human beings. So this project aims to replace a robot instead of human in nuclear power generation. In this project there are three Robots used namely, Robot A, Robot B and Robot C. These three robots are monitored and controlled by using LabVIEW through Zig BEE transceiver. In nuclear power plant Robot A is used to measure the radiation using Geiger MullerCounterwhich is integrated with Arduino kit; it reads the signal at regular intervals. These signals are transmitted to Zig BEE transmitter and the Zig BEE receiver receives signal and send them to the LabVIEW through serial communication which are compared with the predefined threshold values. If the measured value is above than the security threshold value, a signal will be sent through DAQ arising an alarm. Robot B is used to the handle the radioactive wastewhich comes from nuclear power generation. Proximity sensor is used to detect the radioactive waste container which is integrated with Arduino kit. After detecting the container LabVIEW sends the command to Robot B through Zig BEE to pick and place the radioactive waste container. Robot C is used to inspect the Pipelines in the nuclear power plant. An ultrasonic sensor is used to inspect the pipelines which are integrated with Arduino kit. If any mechanical damages or corrosion are present in the pipeline, ultrasonic sensor detects these damages. After detecting these problems in pipeline Arduino kit sends this signal to Zig BEE transmitter. A Zig BEE receiver receives the value and sends it to the LabVIEW through Serial communication.

Keywords: LabVIEW, Wireless Sensor Network, Arduino kit and DAQ