Abstract: With the rapid enhancement of web services and their popularity, web users are increasing day by day. The modern databases are relational and include large number of relations and attributes. By this enhancement of web information and scientific databases it is not able to get user require results with the static query forms. The solution to this problem is dynamic queries. This paper provides a Dynamic Query Form (DQF), a curious database query form interface which is able to tackle the large and complex relational databases. A system captures the userís preference during the user communication and guides user to make decisions. Query form generation is a iterative process. The ranking of form components is based on the captured user preferences. A user can also fill up the query form and deliver queries to view the query output at each step. In this way, a query form could be dynamically refined till the user gets the query result.

Keywords: Query Form, User Interaction, Query Form Generation, Query Form Enrichment, and Dynamic Query forms (DQF).