Abstract: Cloud computing is found as another model for facilitating and conveying client services through web media. Cloud computing offer processing resources as virtual machines on demand, as the number of clients to have their prerequisite on cloud expands, VM's at the server farms additionally expanded. This will make the issue of legitimate administration of resources of VM. Proficient usage of resources has acknowledged utilizing VM consolidation. VM movement is capable utility to accomplish VM union. Be that as it may, VM movement includes expense of Bandwidth and Resources between two machines. It prompts exchange off between vitality used in relocation versus energy used during workload. Indeed, even security issues additionally required in VM management. Cloud attacks confronting enormous issue while managing VM. In this paper a novel VM administration is acquainted that is hearty with different sorts of assaults, for example, robust assaults, Sybil assaults and Daniel of service attacks.

Keywords: Cloud computing, reputation, credibility, credentials, security, Collusion Attack, Sybil Atack, availability