Abstract: WBAN is becoming significant technology in many fields such as medical, entertainment, sports, electronics, military applications etc. It is basically a short range communication in or on a human body. Recent advances in WBAN making it more facilitated in both hospital and home care environment. And this helps to provide better health care facilities for the human being. Basically, WBAN is a network of biomedical sensors and these sensors are attached or worn out by the human body. It brings out a set of changes in WBAN systems including systemís scalability, efficiency, lifetime, security, sensors density etc. to make it more efficient. Many studies were performed to make the WBAN system secure, real- time monitored, flexible, and power efficient for suitable health care applications. To efficiently control and monitor a personís health as well as to reduce cost and maintenance a new wireless communication is developed as a new advanced technology for better health monitoring. WBAN in medical field provides many advantages as compared to other networks such as flexibility and economic for both users as well as for server.

Keywords: wireless body area network, wireless sensor network, medical health care.