Abstract: In wireless communication system antenna plays vital role. Therefore, the need for antenna used in any communication system should be low weight, low profile, low cost, smaller in dimension and conformity. A microstrip patch antenna fulfills all these requirements. This paper presents design of hybrid microstrip patch antenna array operating at Ka-band. The hybrid microstrip patch antenna consists of a triangular patch mounted on a rectangular patch. The signals from the antennas are combined or processed in order to achieve improved performance over that of a single antenna. The antenna is tuned at resonance frequency of 28 GHz and its bandwidth is from 26.5 GHz to 40GHz. This technique is used to analyze the performance of ‘HYBRID PATCH ANTENNA ARRAY’ using different feeding techniques like microstrip and coaxial feeding techniques by using HFSS software.

Keywords: Ka-band, hybrid microstrip patch antenna, microstrip feed, coaxial feed.