Abstract: Many digital imaging applications requires high resolution images or videos for later image processing and analysis. The need for high quality image is one of the major challenges in image processing. In this paper a study of image resolution enhancement methods using multi-wavelet and interpolation in wavelet domain is done. One of the most important quality factors in images comes from its resolution. Visual appearance of an image and image quality can be improved by the various enhancement techniques. Some spectral and spatial problems still prevail in digital images such as motion blur, pixelation and poor perception. The super resolution images are obtained by applying enhancement techniques on noisy and blurred images. In this paper, some of the resolution enhancement techniques such as Discrete Wavelet Transform, DWT-SWT and interpolation methods are described. Of these methods DWT-SWT method improves the visual appearance of the images is highlighted.

Keywords: Discrete Wavelet Transform, Stationary Wavelet Transform, Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transforms, High Resolution, Low Resolution, Interpolation.