Abstract: The rapid growth in infrastructure and industrial plants creating environmental issues like climate change, malfunctioning and pollution has greatly influenced for the need of an efficient, cheap, operationally adaptable and smart monitoring systems. In this context smart sensor networks are an emerging field of research which combines many challenges of computer science, wireless communication and electronics. In this paper a solution for monitoring the noise and air pollution levels in industrial environment or particular area of interest using wireless embedded computing system is proposed. The solution includes the technology Internet of Things (IoT) which is outcome of merged field of computer science and electronics. Here the sensing devices are connected to the embedded computing system to monitor the fluctuation of parameters like noise and air pollution levels from their normal levels. This model is adaptable and distributive for any infrastructural environment that needs continuous monitoring, controlling and behavior analysis. The working performance of the proposed model is evaluated using prototype implementation, consisting of Arduino UNO board, sensor devices and MATLAB with Arduino hardware support package. The implementation is tested for two or three parameters like noise, CO and radiation levels with respect to the normal behavior levels or given specifications which provide a control over the pollution monitoring to make the environment smart.

Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT); Embedded Computing System; Arduino UNO; MATLAB Software; Smart Environment.