Abstract: Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation has typically played a key role in signal processing. Its task is to find the directions impinging on an antenna array to increase the performance of the received signal. It has become the key of technique implementation to use DOA estimation methods that are applicable to most environments. This estimation is an efficient method for improving the quality of service in a communication system by focusing the reception and transmission only in the estimated direction. The traditional algorithms such as MUSIC, ESPRIT, etc. can get superior performance for DOA estimation in the rich receiving conditions, but they are not fit for adverse environment such as low SNR, small number of array elements or snapshots, etc. In order to improve the performance of DOA estimation, the modified method is based on wavelet operator. Moreover, the method is applied to MUSIC (Multiple Signal Classification) DOA estimation algorithm to get the modified algorithm WMUSIC. Undoubtedly, the wavelet based method expands the application range of traditional DOA estimation algorithms and has widely practical prospects in future. Further results are improved to minimize the errors in angle estimation by using optimization techniques.

Keywords: Direction of Arrival, MUSIC, SNR.