Abstract: Today, number of the systems is automated in order to solve new challenges and present day requirements to achieve better results. Automated Systems have not more manual operations, so that flexibility, reliabilities are high and accurate. There for each field use automated control systems, especially in field of electronics. The goal of the project is to develop unique system through GSM technology controlling various units of the houses, industries, and offers a scarified system. The various appliances are used by controlling them remotely by using GSM Technology, which enables the user to remotely handle the operations different types of the appliances. Just by pressing keypad the user does switching operations on the device. The system is designed to carry out ATM transactions without the use of debit card. The structure of ATM transaction without using debit card contains a matrix keypad, a GSM modem, an IVRS, DTMF decoder for security interfaced to the microcontroller (ARM 9). The keypad interfaced to the controller is used as the password entry system. The GSM modem uses the UART interface to the controller. When the unknown user gives an unauthorized password then the controller uses the modem to give knowledge the user. The modem gives a secure dial up number and message. And uses the GSM network to transmit the message. There is a socket in the modem which inputs the SIM card to use the GSM network. The destination mobile number & the password are stored in the EEPROM of the controller.

Keywords: Card less; secure transaction, Anti-theft, Fast process.