Abstract: In this paper presents integrated low-power CMOS LC voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) by using complementary cross-coupled pair of CMOS. A fully integrated 0.13-m CMOS LC-tank voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) suitable for low voltage and low-power S-band wireless application. This structure can be widely used in wireless communication. Technique is employed two cross-coupled pairs by adopting admittance-transforming. Using forward-body-biased metal oxide semiconductor ?eld effect transistors. Despite the low power supply near threshold voltage. Proposed VCO achieves phase noise of -110.1 to -130dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset. Tuning range 29.2% to 45.1 % while consuming only 594 W in 0.4V supply. Tuning range of the proposed VCO is -192.1db to -225.4 dB at 3GHz.

Keywords: ADS (Advance Design System) VCO, phase noise