Abstract: In order to reduce the traffic accidents, it is necessary to control the speed of vehicle in freeway. Safety assurance of vehicles is of great importance to improve road transportation. For this, it presents a review on vehicle collision avoidance system using wireless communication. We consider the problem of collision avoidance at vehicular intersections for a set of controlled and uncontrolled vehicles that are linked by wireless communication. Inter-vehicle safety communication is also a method to improve road safety. In this work, it will design a controller using fuzzy approach for controlling the movement of vehicle. In this, it presents a WSN application to avoid obstacles and vehicle accidents. This system will contain a sensor set, a managing unit and a monitoring platform. The collected data will be transmitted wirelessly to monitoring platform for data processing. The main part of the work was to carry out a feasibility study on vehicle collision avoidance system using wireless sensor networks. We then pose the desired collision avoidance problem in the framework of the theory of supervisory control. The problem has major requirements: safety, i.e. vehicular collisions must be avoided; non-blockingness, i.e., vehicles should not deadlock and must reach their final destinations, which in this case means they must completely cross the intersection.

Keywords: VANET, Wireless Communication, Vehicle Collision Avoidance, Fuzzy Controller etc.