Abstract: RoF is a technique widely used in wireless network to control the data traffic over the network. In this radio signals transmits through fiber optic cables in the form of light. It is widely applicable in real time applications. Some other usage of this is cables used for televisions etc. Noise is a parameter which effects the data traveling through fiber cables. There are many techniques available to remove the noise from the signals. Envelope detectors are available to remove the noise from the signals but it is not capable to remove the noise properly from the signals. It takes the high frequency signals as input and produces the output by enveloping the signals. This leads to the distortion in the signals. In this paper modulated technique is used to remove the noise from the signals. This modulation technique is based on traditional noise removal technique. Along with this the filters are used to improve the quality of the signal. After simulation it is proved that the modulation technique with some alterations is an efficient technique to remove the noise.

Keywords: Base station, Radio over Fiber, Electric to optical converter, BER, Q factor.