Abstract: The Automated fruit classification system is totally based on new technology. Existing some systems are used for testing the leaf and fruit. This “automated fruit classification system” are also used for testing the quality of fruit. In a fruit market large amount of various fruits are available, and testing of this fruit or classifying a damaged and contaminated fruit is a very difficult to human. This system is very use full for handling such difficult task, this system automatically classify the good fruit and the damaged or contaminated fruit. This paper give us a idea about how to distribute the fruit according to the size, Quality, colour and health. This system is very use full for the framer and the fruit buyer. This system is totally based on image processing. This system has high accuracy of classifying fruit and it is a very big advantage of this system. This system strongly implemented in agricultural sector. Agricultural sector specially fruit cultivation. This paper has two units one is image acquisition and second is image processing because our system main part based on image processing.

Keywords: Automated, Image Processing, Embedded, agricultural, DSP, feature extraction, Edge detection.