Abstract: Cloud computing is in demand in recent portion of decades as data transaction and storage it is exponentially increases as far as web based systems are concern. Also Cloud provides dynamic storage space and can handle big data dealing complexities. Though they can manage cloud big data complexities, it is also semi trusted entity. Cloud shows secure but snooping behaviour hence integrity of data and security is major part of concern. Also replication of data is required to improve data availability on cloud. Hence data replication process is provided by the cloud. Also there are cloud data auditing processes that keep the trace of data integrity. To do auditing process, complete dataset retrieval is not required. There are existing data auditing schemes that has flaws when concern to big data. These flaws can be like time consuming process of multiple replica update when verification is done, problem is simultaneous operations of authentication and auditing etc. Hence to rectify these problems proper solution can be developed for auditing process. To address these problems with big data in current public auditing, we proposed a multi-replica dynamic public auditing approach for shared user. For time problem we introduced SHA-1 algorithm instead of previous algorithm that gives significance time improvement that can bridge the gaps mentioned in above discussion.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Public Data auditing, Big Data, Merkel Hash Tree.