Abstract: Map-Reduce gives an offering encoding model to enormous information exchanges. One important problem in map-reduce is efficiently allocation of resources; itís a crucial the development of stragglers that will make the data allocated to each and every reducer disturbance. This paper offers an effective resource utilization algorithm using Kerberos in Mapper and Reducer phase. Goal is to minimize the operating effort and by reordering the job list authenticate the user for execution of any job on map-reduce. This process mostly squares up the resource allocation. After we implement Kerberos using Enterprise Identity Management i.e EIM system of it in Hadoop, the tests show that Kerberos carries minimal over-head which enable it to accelerate the performance time of a few preferred programs undoubtedly. We examine an advancement arrangement about how to actualize the token validation in light of the Kerberos pre-authentication system. We propose a pre-authentication system for Kerberos that permits clients to validate to Key Distribution Centre (KDC) utilizing a standard token, and build up a module for Kerberos that can be conveyed independently to utilize the new system. In light of that, we build up our token validation answer for the whole Hadoop stack that incorporates character administration approval arrangements, then keeping away from risk, confusion and organization overhead.

Keywords: EIM, KDC, Mapper, Reducer, Resource Utilization