Abstract: The data are actuality distributed across many data warehouses in various systems at different sites are collected by the distributed data warehouse system and transformed into a single view which support the decision makers to create queries, perform analysis and make reports. In a spread environment multi-stage processing is performed which involves many joint and fragmented operations to be performed when processing the queries thereby increasing the processing time. Scheduling algorithms are used to determination these issues. The query sorting technique is commonly used for formatting the number of queries and grouped together. This idea describes prior art and some important work done in the research areas of data warehouse, information collected, content-based data retrieval and query processing. It borrows techniques from these fields and the purpose is to allow the reader to place their contributions in the context of previous work done in these areas and also makes a comparative analysis of existing solution strategies. Also this paper discuss about the usage of grid based algorithms in data warehouse environment at the time of scheduling tasks as well as resources.

Keywords: Data warehouse, scheduling algorithms, grid computing.