Abstract: While the Internet is evolving to the Internet of Things, all other technologies that are related to it are also advancing in a way to contain and support concepts like device-to-device networking, proximate discovery, energy efficiency and security. One of the fastest thrives can be seen in mobile communication technologies. This became more obvious after 4G spread out. In our study, we present a review of a new and revolutionary mobile technology under development: LTE Direct; which runs on licensed radio spectrum and is claimed to be energy efficient and secure, while enabling new approaches for the Internet of Things. We state why and how LTE Direct should replace existing systems, by making an analysis considering provided features, resource consumption, possible use cases and security concerns, as well as comparisons with the conventional technologies. Lastly, we provide ideas for the areas where further research should be made to have this system be a reality.

Keywords: LTE Direct, Device-to-Device Networking, Internet of Things, Proximate Discovery, Energy Efficiency.