Abstract: Our System a novel wound image analysis System implemented solely on Gmail Smartphone. Now-a-day’s many people face to Foot ulcer. The Aim is to identify foot ulcer by Smartphone. The camera on the Smartphone with the assistance of an image that captured the wound image using Smartphone, it is easy to capture wound image at that time patient are active participants in their own care. After that by using mean shift Algorithm Smartphone performs wound segmentation. Doctor can easily analyse the problem through image & Segmentation. According to patients with diabetes these technique is easy to use Smartphone device for self-management of foot ulcer. The outline of foot ulcer & accurate wound area are detected by the image segmentation. The processing algorithm of mean Shift Algorithm & K-mean Algorithm both are Accurate & well suited for the available hardware & computational resource that can be provided by the candidate through image capture & image processing.

Keywords: Android-based Smartphone, mean-shift, Image of patient with diabetes, Wound Analysis.