Abstract: In this, a square Micro Strip Patch Antenna is designed using MENTOR GRAPHICS IE3D TOOL. Communication between humans was first made by sound through voice. In initial days, devices such as drums, visual methods such as signal flags and smoke signals were used to communicate information. The so mentioned optical communication devices, utilize the light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum as carrier. It has been only very recent in human history that the electromagnetic spectrum, outside the visible region, has been employed for communication, through the use of radio. The aim of this is to design and fabricate an Micro Strip square patch by using feed line technique. Micro Strip Antenna and study the effect of Micro Strip line length dimension Length (L) on Radiation pattern ,directivity , gain and return loss. Low dielectric substrates are generally preferred for maximum radiation. The length of the square patch antenna is nearly half wavelength in the dielectric; it is a very critical parameter, which governs the resonant frequency of the antenna. In view of design, selection of the patch width or length is the major parameters along with the feed line depth. Desired Patch antenna design is initially simulated by using IE3D simulator and Patch antenna is realized as per design requirements.

Keywords: square patch, Micro Strip, Radiation pattern, dielectric substrates.