Abstract: Measurement of light intensity is a prime necessity in several occasions. The diversity of such needs make their way to various branches of physics and engineering as well as in media. For instance, design optimum lighting conditions of a room, good quality pictures by determining the right exposure, streets and parking must be well lit at night, optimizing light levels in museums and art galleries etc. Lux meter is used for the light intensity measurement. The light intensity measurement is needed especially in remote areas, where mobile network is unavailable. So, there is an requirement to do the remote place light intensity monitoring system which is to be accurate, easily operated, simple in working, cost-effective and light weight. This paper represents the wireless light sensor data communication using photodiode BPW21r, ARM microcontroller, ZigBee module, Arduino, Graphics LCD and PC. The calibration of BFW21r was performed using lux meter, dimmer and lamp arrangement. The transmitter section includes the light sensor photodiode, microcontroller and ZigBee. Receiver section receives the data using ZigBee and displays it on GLCD and stores the same in PC for further processing.

Keywords: Arduino, Wireless communication, Light sensor, Graphic LCD, ZigBee.