Abstract: In our day to day life we need to handle various tasks, perform different operations, manipulation of data, storage, collection, retrieval, group data by different individual as well as many different businesses. These data can be structured or unstructured and is gathered from various different sources which are required to be refined before its usage. This refinement is necessarily done for the purpose of dispensation of important data in different branches of different businesses present in different cities, countries etc. This whole course is done by various working employees of any business. Bizwings ERP is Designed for predominantly “Unit / Scheme / Product Allowance, tracing, commission and company supervision purposes”, Bizwings ERP can be used by Non-Banking Financial Establishments, Industrialists and Developers and the service region companies having work related to Commercial development, Infrastructure development, Plan and maturity services, customer and agent base installment / charge management of MLM like services. The elementary idea to build this is to handle all the business and its related events. The concept includes one main Non-Banking Financial Corporation which will be having its main branch in its home site and all the linked branches of the same company will be present in different cities of different states. These all branches will be handled by Bizwings. The main branch of the company will contain a single admin whose job is to develop and maintain different policies. These policies will be made on the basis of the terms and conditions of the company and are basically made for customer, so that the customer should invest into the company through policies.

Keywords: MLM- Multilevel Marketing, ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning, NBFC- NonBanking Financial Companies.